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* If you have fear and phobia, register for 1-2-1 clinical services. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

* If you have fear and phobia, register for 1-2-1 clinical services. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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Braveheart Leadership. Learn to get your head in the game at work and eliminate limiting thoughts.21st Century Sales Training. Mastery in sales is essential in winning your customer anywhere and everytime.
L.E.A.D training. Gain first hand knowledge on how to be successful in leading your company to success.Raise the mic. Beat Fear is dedicated to teaching excellence in all forms of communication.The lean mean organisation. Corporate weight loss program.MOVE. Effective marketing strategies.One vision one mission. Team building program to improve communication in a team.Corporate Soldier. Success without stress. Cope with stress in a  high performance culture of an organisation.Cigarette Slayer. Dramatic confidence to be a non-smoker in just 8 hours!

"We have taught our Clients the Secret to Condition and Create a Powerful Mindset for Change, Acheiving Performance and Results in a High Performance Culture at Their Work Place"

"This program revealed out limitations and fears and guided me to overcome my fear and dare to do it, dare to fail and dare to succeed."
Wong Yong Yen - L.E.A.D. program

" It makes perfect sense amd the message was clear."
Puan Farida Mohd. Parid,
General Manager,
Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA)

As an experienced trainer myself, I am surprised with the results from this workshop. We recieved positive feedback from the participants, and the immediate results achieved during the workshop, was certainty a result we did not expect. Many participants reinterated to have this workshop for other collegues in the company.
Andrea Chua, HR Director, ORACLE

"To survive in the market, we have to beat all fears; internal and external, fear is merely an illusion."
Ken, HSBC Sales Accountant

The program planned with percision, professionalism and well coordinated was responded with overwhelming responses from particpants who attended the program. Using innovative methods of changing mindsets and mental attitudes, the program allowed us to use our in-built abilities and positiveness in achieving success and personal development.
Hj. Suriman bin Giman
Ketua Sektor
Pengurusan Perkhidmatan Pelajaran
Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor

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Julian A. Leicester

Building Corporate Soldiers
We are your proven corporate subconscious training specialist

Who we are
"Waiting is the Favourite Past Time of Failures. We know that it is a product of a Conditioned Mind that hesitate to take Action on Possibilities. We are YOUR Corporate Subconscious Specialist to Breakthrough these Barriers for You and Your Staff Today . "

Beat Fear are team of qualified specialists in beating fear, phobia and limiting habits at the work place. We understand the science behind the art of our subconscious training programs to suit your organization.

For an organization to move to a 'High Performance Culture' there must be a strategy that needs to be innovated. It is not just another reengineered business format that is blended with motivation.

At the heart of all changes, the human needs must be addressed. Our program is to educate 'results rather than activity' to the emotionally driven human being.

Why we are different
Unlike other training programs in the market, our programs are focused towards motivating the pattern of the subconscious mind and to control it for an organisation's goal.

Our trained subconscious specialists addresses a state of heighten awareness in which they are articulate, more relaxed and better abled to face problems in a logical way.

Subconscious coaching is a specialised topic and a certified practitioner with years of specilist clinical experience will achieve the subconscious motivational objectives of each program. This is not what a normal skill trainer will be qualified to do.

Such simple conceived awareness can be curative and provide dramatic results at work. That's why Beat Fear's work is rewarded in the Malaysian Book of Records and is the first proven corporate subconscious specialist company that has absolute public proven results.

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