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Beat Fear is a specialist in helping individuals and corporates beat fear, phobia and rid limiting habits.
We are a national record holder of a world class hypnosis fear seminar that was held at Menara Kuala Lumpur in July 2003. Early this year we hosted Malaysia's first stop smoking seminar with great results. we are Asia's fastest leading hypno company in helping people take charge of their lives with results. Our team of a qualified London-trained consultant hypnotherapist, Dutch coach and local consultants consistently serve our clients, outstanding value and delight. Beat Fear Coaching is 100% safe, proven and effective.

"Whatever the mind conceives and believes... it achieves"
Fear need not have been caused by a terrible trauma. It can be derived from something that in later years may seem insignificant but makes an impression on the person when he or she was a child. According to Julian A. Leicester, an expert on the subconcious mind, a phobia is a fear that may even be exaggerated by fear of the fear itself.

Why we are different?
Unlike other training programs in the market, our programs are focused towards motivating the pattern of the subconscious mind and to control it for an organisation's goal. Our trained subconscious specialists addresses a state of heighten awareness in which they are articulate, more relaxed and better abled to face problems in a logical way.

Subconscious coaching is a specialised topic and a certified practitioner with years of specilist clinical experience will achieve the subconscious motivational objectives of each program. This is not what a normal skill trainer will be qualified to do.

Such simple conceived awareness can be curative and provide dramatic results at work. That's why Beat Fear's work is rewarded in the Malaysian Book of Records and is the first proven corporate subconscious specialist company that has absolute public proven results.
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