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Thursday 12 DECEMBER 2002 (THE SUN)
by Julian Aloysius Leicester

Julian A. Leicester tell you how to control your temper.

Someone once said, "When you fight it only means that your fist is faster than your brains". Anger is in everybody. Anger can actually be a good reaction if used properly, moderately and nobly. Today's environment with all the stress and mounting turmoil that is happening within and around us, is causing many of us to flare up really fast. Watch out!

Anger is an overreaction to a situation or stimulus. It is primarily a negative emotion that influences the entire person and how that person reacts to his or her environment. Anger can be in two forms, namely manifest anger and latent anger. Also, anger can be transient or chronic where is it usually excessive and irrational. Impatient, constant hurrying, a sense of time urgency, selfishness, vercal attacking, and hostility are some of the symptoms of manifest anger. Latent anger is subconsciously driven and the person is usually unaware of it. Latent anger also plays a role in chronic depression.

Our body reacts to anger by increasing respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood to the muscles that move our body's frame. Is also constricts the pupils of the eyes, and pumps out hormones from the adrenal gland.

Anger should not inhibit the mond for any extended period of time while being experienced and acknowledged. The best way to deal with anger is to recognise and deal with it in a positive way. This means taking responsibility for behaviour, negotiating better with people, taking time out, and deflating it by hitting a punching bag or a pillow. Remember not to drink alcohol as that negative emotions are going to be anchored, not your best interest.

There are ways used in the professional psychological approach to deal with chronic anger. The person is helped to recognise how anger is being used as an ego defense mechanism to supress the unconscious root of anger. This is a projection method. The behavioural approach explores practical ways to avoid or have better negotiation with people and situations that make one angry.

The interpersonal approach focuses on better communication skills to build rapport and improve relationships with others. The cognitive approach helps to find and correct the distortion of your ideas about life and other people. Anger is always negative and is a choice. You must understand your anger rituals. By learning to acknowledge and then release anger, you open up yourself for change and renewal and lead a happier life.

Every emotion is always fueled by some motion thus, when we are angry, we need to keep in a certain motion to bring in good emotion. This can be an exercise like biking, gardening, yoga, qi gong or gym workouts to help dissipate the anger to a more positive mood.

Diet, supplements, herbs, aromatherapy, music and meditation can help the physical and emotional levels. Self-hynosis can aid anger, by helping the person understand and be aware and cope with the situation. "Because you want to have a full and happy life...you have good and positive feelings towards others...You realise that everyone has their own strength and weaknesses...You tolerate and accept people as they are...without judging or analysing their actions and words...You learn to accept and appriciate these differences...you forgive other for actions or words that you disaprove of...and you develop your sense of humour easily...and you no longer have to take life so seriously... You control your hostle feelings... Your actions allow people to feel happy and good about themselves."
- Julian A. Leicester

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