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Todays Corporate Challenges
The 21st centure has brought a huge change in the pace and manners of doing businesses. It has become literally a corporate war zone. Known statistics and facts have shown that many corporate people are not equipped to face this combat zone and soon or eventually will be casualties of the corporate war.

Apart from continuous changes, higher workloads and increased performances at work, there is also the war against the unseen enemies called stress, fear and deteriorating mental wellness conditions. Left unchecked, it will erode the investment and expense made in training key personnel. Many executives were passed over for promotion because of disabilities caused by uncertainty, phobias and stress related panic attacks, stroke and even death.

The amount of time and work lost in illness and depression from stress and fear build up, reduces productivity by 25%. To truly combat in today's new high performance working cultures, staff have to get into a war footing and be a highly resilient and trained corporate soldier.

Many ways of creating a metaphor is to shape your belief system to take the first step, to empower your life and its results. Power is in the mind bringing energy to the body. Many of our clients have experienced this and they are very amazed at the kind of energy hidden inside, The energised mindset is very important to achieve good results in personal life and at work!
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