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Setting up and organizing new teams, departments and companies, managing the teams and customers and building relationship with customers.

Joseph possesses professional qualification in Marketing, (CIM, UK) and Occupational Safety & Health, University of Newcastle, Australia.He have attended numerous courses in marketing, motivation and safety & health during his tenure with the various organizations like Straits Times Press, MTC Marketing, JDV Marketing, Pathlab and Beat Fear. This allowed him to enhance his experience and knowledge in various fields like direct sales of books, diagnostics, direct marketing, service and training sectors.

With a sound background both in theory and practical, he have the opportunity to serve in very divest industries, enabling him to plan, execute and implement various activities pertaining to product, pricing, promotions and distribution. For the past 10 years, he have been lecturing marketing components both in-house and public seminars. Other areas of personal development are establishing the syllabus and examiner for the Malaysian Institute of Insurance for their marketing programmes.

With his knowledge, expertise and wide scope,he would definitely be in a position to deliver relevant knowledge and information to the benefit of the target audience. While developing products and services, he also involved in understanding consumer demand through research, planning and reaching out to end-users through effective communications.


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