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How we can help you?
At Beat Fear we believe in helping people to overcome their fears. Many have come to seek help from us over the years and it has been proven effective. For sufferers, the road to fear can be treacherous, made worse because they feel they have no control. This results in loss of confidence and self-worth and increasing frustration.

Snakes, spiders, high places and public speaking also make many people uncomfortable. But for some, these objects and settings cause overwhelming feelings of fear and apprehension - reaction defined as a phobia.

At Beat Fear, we use the art of hypnosis to enable you to form a good habit or break a bad one with positive suggestions. By this technique we find out how and why the fear is being fuelled and channelled with energy, then hypnosis is used to strave the source, which in turn will stop the phobic attacks forever. We are a team of qualified specialists in beating fear, phobia and limiting habits at the work place. We understand the science behind the art of our subconscious training program to you and your organization.

For your organization to move to a High Performance Culture there must be a strategy that needs to be innovated. It is not just another reengineered business format that is blended with motivation. At the heart of all changes, the human needs must be addressed. Our program is to educate ‘results rather than activity' to the emotionally driven human being.
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